WildSelf Tales

Ms. Applehans Kindergarten students wrapped up an animal unit with a fun project that involved the students creating Wildself versions of themselves and then writing a few expository sentences about their animal. Students came to the LMC and used Build Your WildSelf (from the NY Zoo & Aquarium) to create outlandish creatures that represented their "wild side".

Printouts of the students' Wildself along with a sentence organizer with prompts were provided to students to they could name their Wildselfs' and give them some juicy behavioral and habitat details.

wildself organizer.JPG

Sentence Organizer with prompts

Once students completed their sentences they practiced reading them and then came to the LMC to record their Wildself facts to go along with their image. We used a tool called Little Bird Tales to mix images, with text and voice. Some students even recorded their Wildself sound!

This was a great project that included a creative element, writing convention practice, technology to bring the students' work to life with imagery,voice and text, and a platform that allowed student work to be shared with the world.


WildSelf Tales 2014

WildSelf Tales 2013



1.1. Oral communication skills are built within a language-rich environment.

1.2. Vocal sounds produce words and meaning to create early knowledge of phonemic awareness.

1.3. Communication relies on effective verbal and nonverbal skills.

3.1. Pictures, labels, and familiar words are used to communicate information and ideas.

3.2. Appropriate mechanics and conventions are used to create simple texts.