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First grade considered the skill of comparing and contrasting and to help students understand these concepts they were shown the Disney version of Pocahantas and then they read the historical story (non fiction) of Pocahantas. Teachers provided students with a Venn Diagram and allowed them to work in pairs to discuss and consider the things that were the same and different about the two versions of history. Some classes completed a Venn Diagram graphic organizer and other classes illustrated similarities and differences. All four classes uploaded their final Venn Diagrams to Voicethread (VT) and each pair of students recorded their findings so they could share them with the world.

This is a wonderful example of how teachers took an existing lesson or unit of study and purposefully integrated technology into the process to aide student comprehension of the topic, concepts, and or skills. Each class has viewed and listened to other classes VTs to learn from their peers.


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